• We are the secret ingredient that holds so many of your every day items together.

  • We make growth imaginable, working with you to achieve a result to satisfy a want or need.

  • As the largest purchaser of scrap pharmaceutical netting, we found a way to recycle it before it was popular.

  •  Protein Adhesive

    Protein Adhesives

    L.D. Davis protein adhesives are gelatin based, and used in a wide variety of applications. Our lab can recommend an existing or custom product for your specific application. All of our protein glues are 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and repulpable.

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  • Water Based Adhesive

    Water-Based Adhesives

    LD Davis manufactures three lines of liquid water-based adhesives: resin-based, dextrin-based, and starch-based. All of our water-based adhesives are eco-friendly, completely non-toxic and easily recyclable.

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  • hot melt

    Hot Melt Adhesives

    Hot melt adhesives are polymer based and are 100% solids, containing no solvents or water. LD Davis distributes hot melt adhesives for some of the largest global industrial adhesive manufacturers.

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