• adhesive products

    For over eight decades we have been manufacturing adhesives. Whether it’s an off-the-shelf product or a custom formulated product, L.D. Davis makes sure you have the right solution.

  • Gelatin

    Gelatin is an extremely important part of L.D. Davis adhesives. It is a raw material used in our protein adhesive. Since the 1970s, L.D. Davis has recycled soft gelatin capsule netting and hard gelatin capsule in the manufacturing of our protein adhesive also known as hide glue and animal glue.

  • applications

    Our knowledge and innovation have made us the largest protein adhesive manufacturer in the U.S. That expertise has made it possible to expand into fields we never would have imagined 10 years ago. We have taken the raw materials we specialize in and formulate products that go well beyond adhesives. We are excited to use our knowledge to help you deliver innovative solutions.