Adhesive Manufacturing Industry Risk Rating Report

Posted on January 9th, 2012 by Maria Verros

According to this report, an industry risk rating is defined as “the difficulty, or otherwise, of the business operating environment.”  In other words, what problems and situations can arise while owning or operating an adhesive manufacturing business.

Manufacturing Animal Hide Glue

Owning and running any business has its difficulties.  In manufacturing, work will ebb and flow with the economy and the state of the industries the company serves.  LD Davis has built long-standing relationships with our animal hide glue customers and constantly researches new markets to serve in order to stay on top of the animal hide glue manufacturing industry.

LD Davis has been in operation for 85 years, since its start in 1926.  As an animal hide glue manufacturer, the company has survived the Great Depression, strong competition, the most recent recession and economic downturn, among other things.  Manufacturing quality animal hide glue and being open to change and innovation has kept us in business through good times and hard times.

At its foundation, LD Davis was manufacturing an animal hide glue product that was used in the stenciling industry.  In 1939, a competitor developed a stenciling material that would have put LD Davis out of business in less than two years.  Instead of accepting defeat, Louis Davis Sr. revamped the business and began selling raw animal hide glue to box makers in the area while developing an effective mixture of dehydrated animal hide glue that made the company a staple in the rigid box making industry for many decades to come.

We work very hard at LD Davis to continue to serve our current markets with the animal hide glue they need to produce quality products.  Animal hide glue is useful in many different applications, and we are learning about new ones each and every day.  Our constant goal is to build life long bonds, with long-standing and new customers.
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