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Water Based Adhesives

From the beginning, L.D. Davis did not manufacture water based adhesive. It wasn’t until 1984 when L.D. Davis purchased Adhesive Products of Georgia. After this purchase, L.D. Davis began to manufacture water-based adhesives to the book binding and packaging industries.

Today, L.D. Davis manufactures over 1 million+ pounds of water based adhesives per year. We manufacture water based adhesive for all industries including; packaging, rigid box manufacturing, book binding, photo book binding, graphic arts, food and beverage packaging and general purpose applications.

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  • Resin Adhesives

    Resin Adhesives

  • L.D. Davis manufactures a line of water-based liquid resin adhesives which are eco-friendly. The major components of these adhesives are vinyl acetate, ethylene vinyl acetate and acrylic resin emulsion polymers.

  • Dextrin AdhesivesDextrin Adhesives

  • Like Resin Adhesives, Dextrins are also a water-based liquid adhesives which are eco-friendly. All dextrin glues possess clean machining capability and excellent bonding properties to paper, paperboard and other cellulosic materials.

  • Starch AdhesivesStarch Adhesives

  • Our line of Starch Adhesives are modified vegetable starches developed to provide maximum adhesion performance. Our line of starch adhesives are mainly in liquid form, but we do provide dry adhesives as well. Check out our page for more information.

Common Uses

Folding carton manufacturing
Case & carton seal applications