Adhesives for Laminating

LD Davis laminating glues are designed for high-speed manufacturing, clean machining and water, grease and temperature resistance. Our laminating glues also provide optimal lay-flat characteristics, coatability, setting speeds and open times. Liquid resin and dextrin glues and gelatin-based glues work well for laminating many different types of substrates, including paper, corrugated boxes, sample boards, folding cartons and hardbound cases.

Animal Glues

Frequently used in packaging, case making and game board manufacturing, animal glues work well to laminate paper to board for a variety of applications. Animal glue laminating can be accomplished on machines from Emmeci, Crathern, Perondi Group, Potdevin Machine Co., Peroni Ruggero, Sheridan and others.

Liquid Glues

Liquid glues are often used in the laminating industry. These glues can take up to 24 hours or longer to dry because there is a need for the water to evaporate so the other components can form that final bond.

“We greatly appreciate LD. Davis Industries customer service and your visit to our facility to perform a glue audit. Bill and Stacey made a significant difference regarding our glue preparation and application. The increased glue temperature made the greatest impact on the box bonding issues we were experiencing previously. By maintaining temperature, solids and viscosity of glue to LD. Davis recommended starting points, I’m sure we will see more positive results. Thank you also for the positive interaction with our mechanics and the overall Protein Glue 101 training for our “EMMECI” production line.”

— Frank, Custom Paper Products

“Bill McCalla and his team at LD Davis have worked to provide us with the best possible glue for our Emmeci laminating machine. Bill is always very accommodating to our needs, and has visited our facility often to make sure operations are running smoothly on our Emmeci. We have been LD Davis customers for several years, and feel that their technical assistance has always been beyond our expectations.”

— Steve, Campbell Printing