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Photo Bookbinding Glue

For the past 80 years, L.D. Davis has been the adhesive expert in the book binding industry. With the coming of the new age of tablets and E-Readers, we have found opportunities to continue to grow in the book binding industry by offering photo book binding glues in addition to continuous service to the traditional book binding industry.

Digital Photo Book Binding

The fastest growing segment in the book binding industry is in the Internet-based personal publishing service. Internet photo books allow you to create virtual scrapbooks by uploading your family photos onto their online site. After your book is completed the company publishes the photo book using L.D. Davis photo book adhesives by way of traditional book binding techniques. The finished digital photo book is then shipped to the customer.

Equipment Used

There are four major machines that use photo book binding glue.
  • Horauf Universal casemaker
  • Kolbus casemaker
  • Muller Martini Acoro binder
  • Muller Martini Diamant

L.D. Davis Leads the Photo Book Binding Industry

As the digital photo book industry continues to grow, L.D. Davis is fortunate to be working with the leader in the Internet photo book industry who uses our photo book binding glue for their digital published photo books. Due to its excellent adhesion properties and clean machining we are proud to say our photo book binding glue helps bond their customer’s wonderful memories together for years to come. This leading company in the digital photo book binding industry recently called us with an issue. Once the problem was resolved we received the following testimonial: