Customer Service

Posted on January 30th, 2012 by Maria Verros

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service at LD Davis. A large part of our competitive advantage, aside from manufacturing quality animal hide glue for over 85 years, is the fact that our salesmen make over 3,000 on-site, in-person visits to our customers each and every year. This personal, face-to-face attention shows our clients how much we really care about their adhesive application.

The following is a quick thank-you note one of our salesmen, Jeff Palmiter, received from a client of his that works at a large packaging company:


Just a short note to express our appreciation for the effort you made to take care of our glue shortfall. Meeting our driver midway made a big difference in the timely delivery of the needed glue back to our facility as well as taking my call late last evening to discuss the possible scenarios to get the glue to Roanoke.

You displayed another example of a way L.D. Davis is above all the others.

Look forward to seeing you next week when we will conduct the glue tests.

Thanks again,


At LD Davis, we will do everything in our power to ensure that our customers get the animal hide glue that they need, when they need it. The above communication came after Kurt discovered an unexpected shortage of their animal hide glue right before a big project. His salesman, Jeff Palmiter, went above and beyond to get him the animal hide glue that he needed to do his job correctly.

Clients cannot go wrong with LD Davis’ customer service or quality adhesive products. We have been manufacturing excellent animal hide glue and liquid glue, both eco-adhesives which are totally non-toxic and biodegradable for many decades. We also distribute hot melt adhesives, PUR glue and fugitive glue from respected companies around the country. We are here for your adhesive needs, no matter what.

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