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Fugitive Glue

Fugitive GlueFugitive glue is indeed a hot melt glue so even though L.D. Davis does not manufacture it, we are a distributor of this glue.

Fugitive glue is commonly known as credit card glue or “booger glue”. So where do the informal names come from? Simple. When you receive your new Visa or Discover card in the mail, the thin strip of glue you find attached to your new card is what fugitive glue is aka credit card glue.

This glue is easily peeled off the surface to which it is bonded with. It forms a very strong bond that can be released once the bond it broken. Unfortunately, once that bond is broken, it cannot be resealed.

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Glue Strips

L.D. Davis is a distributor of glue strips. There are four levels of tackiness and our standard rolls are available as a continuous roll which is 300 feet of glue on a roll made up of two 150-foot lines of glue that are each 1/8” wide by 1/32” thick.

Glue Dots

L.D. Davis is also a distributor of glue dots. The dots also have four different levels of tackiness. Our standard rolls are 6,000 spots to a roll.

Fugitive glues are often used in marketing applications for direct mailer campaigns. This easy-to-use glue is safe to handle, but does sometimes contain latex so those with a latex allergy should be careful while handling this product.

Benefits of Fugitive Glue

  • Easily available in many forms; dots, strips, liquid
  • Generally safe to handle
  • Wide variety of tack levels
  • Always removable with virtually no surface damage
  • Instant bond
  • Easy clean up

Common Uses

Bonding foams
Plastics and paper
Fabrication of Insulation Panels