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Starch Glues

Starch AdhesivesStarch glues are one of the many types of eco-glues manufactured by L.D. Davis. Starch is a white powder that is cooked in water up to 180-190oF, dissolving it and providing a viscous glue. Starch glues can be applied at ambient conditions or heated if required.

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Ideal for producing paper products such as corrugated boxes and paper bags. Can be formulated to a paste consistency for applications where an extremely high viscosity is required like wallpaper paste. In addition to ease of use and excellent adhesion in a wide range of paper applications, these products are very economical.

All of our Starch glues are derived from renewable natural sources making them extremely eco-friendly.

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Physical Properties of Starch Glues

  • Made from natural carbohydrates derived from roots, tubers and seeds of higher plants such as maize, potatoes, wheat, rice and tapioca
  • Generally have higher viscosities with a thicker consistency that can be formulated up to a paste. They can be used at ambient conditions or heated up to 140oF, depending on the application requirements.

The Major Advantages of Starch Glues

  • Extremely Economical
  • Easy Clean Up
  • Wide Range of Viscosities

Common Uses

Bonding Paper / Paper Products
Corrugated Boxes
Paper Bags
Wallpaper Paste(non-removable)
Corrugated Board
Lamination Applications
Tube Winding