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Posted on October 31st, 2011 by Maria Verros

Hide Glue History

Hide glue is important to us at LD Davis, because we know that it is important to you.  We have been America’s premier and largest hide glue manufacturer for decades.  Our company was founded in 1926, and has changed with the times over the past eight decades, but one factor has always stayed the same- quality hide glue from our manufacturing plant to your application.
LD Davis hide glue is useful for a variety of applications and is also referred to as animal glue, cake glue, and protein adhesive.  Some common uses include use as book binding adhesive, set-up box production, and many more.  Hide glue is considered an eco-adhesive because it is totally non-toxic and recyclable.  Once it is recycled back into the natural environment, it will begin to break down in a matter of weeks.

Which Hide Glue is for You?

If you’re not sure which hide glue is best for your application, LD Davis is the right place for you.   Not only do we manufacture over 100 varieties of hide glue, we have our own lab at our glue manufacturing plant in Monroe, North Carolina, with dedicated and experienced professionals who can recommend one of LD Davis’s hide glues for your application.  We are also skilled in formulating a custom adhesive specifically for your application.
Our hide glue comes in cake form and must be heated prior to use.  Since it is a natural and non-toxic eco-adhesive, it does react to different seasonal conditions such as temperature and humidity.  If this occurs, we can recommend usage changes, offer products to combat seasonal differences, or supply you with our winter and summer formulas of the same adhesive.  We are always ready to find an adhesive solution for any application that comes our way.
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L.D. Davis Hide Glue

L.D. Davis Hide Glue is melted before use.