Happy Mother’s Day From L.D. Davis Industries

Posted on May 14th, 2012 by Maria Verros

We Interrupt Our Regular Programming…

Normally we use this blog space to tell you about our adhesive products, specifically hide glue, protein adhesive and liquid glue. We also like to blog about the uses of our hide glue and the industries that our hide glue adhesives serve. Sometimes we tell you about hide glue news or developments in manufacturing technology.

Today, we though we’d take a break from the hide glue talk to send out a special “thank you” message to all the great Moms out there in the spirit of Mother’s Day yesterday. We know that having a strong Mom to guide you through life is a blessing, and hope you all had a great day with your Mom yesterday, or on the other side, we hope your children celebrated you the way you deserve if you are a Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day from L.D. Davis Industries.