Liquid Glue in Pails

Posted on October 20th, 2011 by Maria Verros

Liquid Glue Comes in Many Sizes

Industrial adhesives are packaged in many different size containers. Most of our water-based resin adhesives, dextrin glues, and woodworking glues are available not only in 55 gallon drums and totes, but also in five-gallon pails. The liquid glues manufactured by L.D. Davis are water-based, eco-friendly and non-toxic. Not only are five-gallon pails incredibly convenient to use, the glues that are available in pails are easily customizable to fit your adhesive needs.

Custom Adhesives in Pails

The modifiers used in these liquid glues, also commonly called white glues, make the product easy to alter for tack, adhesion, open time, and viscosity or thickness of the liquid glue. They can also be tinted different colors in addition to being altered for the previously mentioned variables. LD Davis water-based adhesives always dry clear, are easy to clean up, maintain consistent viscosity, and are safe to handle. Unlike other adhesives, liquid glues can be applied at room temperature for added convenience. They do not need to be melted before use like some of our other products, such as animal glue in cake form.


Purchasing our liquid glues in five-gallon pails gives you added convenience and ease of use. They are easy to store, easy to transport, and can benefit companies that do not have the space, trucks, or equipment necessary to utilize a drum or a tote. They are also easy to reseal and keep your glue in top working condition. The shelf life of most water-based adhesives is about one-year when stored and sealed correctly. Purchasing and storing our liquid glue in five-gallon pails can make proper sealing and storage much easier. In addition, a five-gallon pail of our liquid glue comes in at about 45 pounds, which can be much easier to manage than large drums and totes! LD Davis liquid glues are very safe and user friendly. Availability in convenient five-gallon pails only adds to its easy of usability.

For more information on liquid glues we offer in five-gallon pails, please visit our website or our “Products” section on our LinkedIn profile.

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