Product Spotlight- HB Fuller Hot Melt Adhesives

Posted on September 3rd, 2011 by Maria Verros

At L.D. Davis, not only do we manufacture an exceptional line of animal glues, liquid glues and water-based adhesives, we also distribute HB Fuller and Ashland Chemical products. We sell products from these two companies that we do not manufacture, such as fugitive glue or hot melt adhesive.

HB Fuller Hot Melt Adhesives

HB Fuller hot melt adhesives are used in a variety of industries such as construction and electronics. Metals, plastics, and paper are just some of the materials that hot melt adhesives provide effecient adhesion. While our animal glue as a long history of use in the world (think back to Ancient Egypt), hot melts such as HB Fuller hot melt adhesives have only been used in the commerical world for the past 50 or 60 years. Depending on the binding process, sometimes HB Fuller hot melt adhesives are used as spine glue in the bookbinding industry. In other binding processes, our bookbinding glue, or animal glue, is used.

HB Fuller Hot Melt Adhesive Facts

  • Polymer based
  • 100 percent solid, containing no solvents
  • HB Fuller hot melt adhesives contain no water
  • Normally applied at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but certain low temperature grades can be applied as low as 250 degrees Fahrenheit.


HB Fuller hot melt adhesives are made up of polymers, resins, wax, antioxidants, and plasticizers/diluents. The polymer used in the hot melt determines how strong and flexible the adhesive is. Resins are used for tackifying purposes, and can be natural, pine based or synthetic. Waxes determine the open time and setting speed of hot melt adhesives, and antioxidants are added to improve the pot life and prevent oxidation reactions to the adhesive. Plasticizers and diluents are not always added to HB Fuller hot melt adhesives, but will be included if needed to improve the flow or modify the viscosity of the hot melt.

hot melts, LD Davis lab

Hot melt adhesives in the LD Davis lab

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