Sample Boards and Cases

Posted on February 21st, 2013 by Maria Verros

Sample Board and Cases

L.D. Davis has manufactured a wide variety of adhesives for over 85 years, including animal glue, protein adhesives, hide glue and liquid glue. Our adhesives are used in a large variety of industries and for many different applications. One common use of L.D. Davis adhesives is in the manufacturing of sample boards and cases, for example, for displays in retail stores and at trade shows for certain companies.

sample board

Sample Board

Sample Board and Case Adhesive

We want our customers and future customers of sample board manufacturers to know that L.D. Davis’s adhesive for is eco-friendly, offers high initial tack, has a moderate to fast set time and offers clean machining for automatic laminating equipment. Our adhesives are an ideal choice for your sample board or case.

At L.D. Davis we understand that sample board manufacturers need to provide their customers with custom, professional sample boards. That is where we can help! Our adhesives adhere to the variety of substrates you will be using for your sample boards such as carpet and fabric swatches, wall covering and window treatment boards, tile, brick and wood samples, etc. If you encounter a substrate that is difficult to adhere to the sample board, our full service adhesive lab can help. Give us a call or send us a sample substrate and we will formulate a custom adhesive formulation specifically to fit your needs. We already manufacture hundreds of different adhesive formulations and are constantly developing new products for our many different customers.

Benefits of Choosing L.D. Davis Adhesive

One of our customers uses NW139C on their new Emmeci flat board lines to manufacture sample boards and cases, among many other products. He said the benefit of our L.D. Davis adhesive is the fact that the product runs very clean which means their operators do not have to stop the machine to clean the belt off so their production is increasing. Less down time means less time and money wasted cleaning the equipment and efficiency increases by miles!

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Click here to view a great video with information about sample board and case manufacturing, courtesy of Campbell Printing Company! (Scroll down to the bottom of the page).