Sourcing Gelatin

Posted on March 12th, 2012 by Maria Verros

Have you seen our new webpage all about gelatin?

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Not only is usage of hard and soft gelatin scrap in adhesive manufacturing an interesting concept, it is quite beneficial to the environment in a number of ways.

By recycling scrap gelatin material from pharmaceutical and nutritional companies, we are reducing a large waste stream that they would otherwise dispose of. We purchase their scrap gelatin material instead of having them throw it away with the rest of their waste.

After we obtain the hard gelatin and soft gelatin, we clean it, grind it, and inspect if for quality before utilizing it in our animal glue manufacturing process. Scrap gelatin material is a major source of one of our most important raw materials for animal glue, which in addition to gelatin is composed of water, glycerin, corn sugar and Epsom salt.

We purchase more scrap gelatin material than any other company in the United States. We always want to make sure that we can produce the adhesives that our customers need to manufacture their products.

LD Davis is constantly sourcing gelatin and is always open to testing samples from new sources of hard gelatin and soft gel netting from around the country and around the globe. We will continue to find new sources of gelatin to manufacture our animal glue to keep our customers happy for years to come!

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