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  • We found quality glue for our Kolbus Case Maker

    "We have been purchasing glue from L.D. Davis for almost 20 years and have always been happy with their glue quality and technical assistance. We purchased a Kolbus DA260 case maker in October 2015. Once installed, our sales representative Kelly Benjamin came to our facility to trial their protein glue with us on the new equipment. The glue ran perfectly on the Kolbus machine. It was great having her there to answer any and all technical questions that we had throughout the trial process. The glue is still running great, and L.D. Davis’s policy of being present at every trial/test is very reassuring."

    Jay Advantage Book Binding
  • L.D. Davis Provides Excellent Service and Technical Assistance

    "Oh My Goodness!!!!! Sales and the Lab Techs you all ROCK!!!! THIS GLUE IS PERFECT!!!! If you can't tell, I am so excited!!!  LD Davis has delivered my start up the BEST service possible.  From the customer service, support and technical assistance, I couldn't ask for more in a company.  Thank you for  your patience and expertise.  We can now start manufacturing the product and bringing my idea to fruition. I can't thank you guys enough!"

    Tamika S. Founder, Food Packaging Company
  • L.D. Davis provides us with the best customer service

    “We made the switch to L.D. Davis several months ago and have not regretted it for a second. Whenever we have needed ANYTHING, Jeff Palmiter and L.D. Davis have been there at a moment’s notice (day or night) to meet our needs with a no-nonsense, straightforward, extremely competent approach that has been second to none in providing excellent customer service to us. We are very happy and proud to have them on our team.”

    John G. Leader in the Photo Book Industry
  • L.D. Davis has been with us through recommendation, trialing, & implementation of our glue

    "Each year we purchase over 100,000 lbs. of liquid glue from L.D. Davis.  Our sales representative, Jeff Palmiter, has been with us every step of the way through recommendation,  trialing, and implementation.  Our team recently completed our annual supplier score card for L.D. Davis and they received an ‘Excellent’ rating  for performance, quality and responsiveness.  We appreciate Jeff working with us and value L.D. Davis as our supplier."  

    Jim Wrigley Operations Manager, PSI
  • L.D. Davis was chosen as our vendor of the year.

    “Our bindery manager was struggling with turnover. He was in need of training for the inexperienced operators. L.D. Davis offered to set up seminars for training in the preparation and the application of their adhesives. The result was a significant reduction in our training costs and the elimination of a lot of waste. Because of their dedication and efforts, L.D. Davis was chosen as our vendor of the year.”

    Wayne Dean Book Bindery Industry, Berryville Graphics
  • We are setting new production records

    "I wanted to take a moment and thank Jeff Palmiter and the team at LD Davis for their help with product development. While your team has gone above and beyond on a number of occasions, your help with the start up of our Kolbus Casemaker has been most notable. From the beginning of LD Davis's involvement we have seen our makeready and run speeds on the Kolbus increase to the point of setting new production records. And at the same time our glue usage has dropped dramatically. I still am not sure how you get a glue film that can be run so thin, adhere so well, and hold the turn-ins at these high speeds. Please make sure your team knows how much we appreciate their efforts and support in making our venture a huge success."

    Steven Manufacturing/Process Supervisor, R.R. Donnelley
  • L.D. Davis is the first place we turn for Emmeci glue

    I have been working with Bill McCalla and L.D. Davis since 2014. We have an Emmeci box maker and L.D. Davis glue was highly recommended as the best glue for this equipment. Since contacting L.D. Davis our sales representative, Bill, has been extremely helpful in recommending the right glue for us.  Not only is he very knowledgeable about Emmeci equipment, but he came to our facility to see our operation run in person. His technical assistance has been a great help over the years. L.D. Davis is the first place we turn for our Emmeci glue needs.

    Cecil Finishing & Die Cutting Manager, Bert-Co
  • L.D. Davis gives our company a competitive advantage in our market that we need.

    "L.D. Davis Industries has been a valuable supplier of hot melt to our company for over 15 years. In our foam fabrication business, controlling overhead drives the bottom line. Many of our competitors have moved away from adhesive bonding to go to zero-cost heat bonding for some of our foam substrates. Our years of experience have shown that the hot melt supplied by LD Davis allows us the flexibility and versatility to provide durable, unique solutions to our customer’s needs. Tripp Davis and his team at LD Davis are well aware of the constant overhead and pricing pressures we face, and constantly work to find us the price-to-performance products that our ever-changing business require. Great product only gets you so far if you can’t get it. LD Davis’s ability to handle all aspects of the supply chain-manufacturing, warehousing, and just-in-time delivery gives our company a competitive advantage in our market that we need."

    Fred Woll Vice-President, F.P. Woll & Company
  • We are proud to be a part of LD Davis’s 90 year history

    "Unipak and LD Davis have been working together for decades, so when we purchased our first Emmeci back in 2000 we asked them to provide the glue for these state of the art machines.  Sixteen years later, we are still using glue provided by LD Davis on our Emmeci’s and couldn’t be happier with the product and the company behind the product.  We have relied on their technical support to help us bond specialty papers and board and are extremely happy with the everyday performance of their NW123CK glue.  Unipak is proud to be a part of LD Davis’s 90 year history and look forward to our continued relationship."

    Teddy Frain VP of Sales & Marketing, Unipak
  • One of the most satisfying venture of all has been our relationship with LD Davis Industries

    "For almost a half century, I have spent my entire career in the Industrial Adhesive Industry. From sales and management in a large company, to owning a Manufacturers’ Representative business for the last 25 years, I have worked with a multitude of adhesive manufacturers. During that time, I’ve had both disappointing business relationships with some, to long-term, mutually rewarding ventures with others. One of the most satisfying of all has been our relationship with LD Davis Industries. Our work together began with Tripp’s father over 20 years ago. When Tripp took over the company reigns, the relationship blossomed into the well-oiled and efficient machine it is today. This rock solid, extremely successful true business “partnership” is based on mutual respect, teamwork, and a huge dose of integrity. Tripp has proven himself to be both trustworthy and dependable on countless occasions. Now, as I transition into retirement, I am confident the stable foundation of this relationship is so solid that it will endure long into the future. Thanks Tripp, for your personal integrity and high standards of business excellence. We’ve had a fabulous ride together!"

    Tony Bruno President, Adhesive Brokers
  • We found quality glue for our Kolbus Case Maker

    "We have been using Davis glue for our book binding for almost 20 years. We currently run about 20 cases per minute with their protein glue on our Kolbus DA36. Not only is their glue quality and performance excellent, but their technical assistance and customer service have been very helpful over the years."

    Timothy Case Bindery Supervisor, United Book Press
  • We found a sustainable adhesive solution

    We contacted LD Davis a few months back about a new project we were working on involving sustainable adhesives. This was a new type of application for us, so we were really looking for a glue vendor that would be able to offer us the technical assistance we needed. We found just that in LD Davis. Our sales rep Jeff contacted us the same day we reached out to them to discuss the project in detail. In the weeks that followed, he visited our facility to meet us in person and learn more about the project. We have since found a liquid glue that meets all of our needs and we’re looking forward to a continued partnership with LD Davis.

    James McGoff Cofounder, TemperPack
  • Thank You for The Glue Training on our Emmeci Machines

    We greatly appreciate LD. Davis Industries customer service and your visit to our facility to perform a glue audit. Bill and Stacey made a significant difference regarding our glue preparation and application. The increased glue temperature made the greatest impact on the box bonding issues we were experiencing previously. By maintaining temperature, solids and viscosity of glue to LD. Davis recommended starting points, I’m sure we will see more positive results. Thank you also for the positive interaction with our mechanics and the overall Protein Glue 101 training for our “EMMECI” production line.

    Frank L. Production Manager, Custom Paper Products
  • L.D. Davis technical assistance has always been beyond our expectations

    "Bill McCalla and his team at L.D. Davis have worked to provide us with the best possible glue for our Emmeci laminating machine. Bill is always very accommodating to our needs, and has visited our facility often to make sure operations are running smoothly on our Emmeci.  We have been L.D. Davis customers for several years, and feel that their technical assistance has always been beyond our expectations."

    Steve Plant Manager, Campbell Printing
  • On-Site Technical Training Our Emmeci Equipment Was Very Helpful

    "After purchasing an Emmeci machine and receiving training from the Emmeci technical team, Central Packaging and Display was looking for in-depth training on adhesive. Matt, Safety Director and Quality Engineer at Central Packaging, had this to say about our on-site training in their Minneapolis facility: “Thank you for connecting Jeff Palmiter and I together.  The training session went very well.  Jeff has a talent for training.  The information provided was exactly what I was looking for.  Jeff’s knowledge of the glue, how to perform the necessary tests and required corrective action steps when results are not satisfactory is impressive.  This is definitely a value added service.  Jeff’s experience in the business certainly shows.  We will be exploring other potential product use in the plant."

    Matt J. Safety Director & Quality Engineer, Central Packaging Display
  • We've Seen Increased Production Since Switching to LD Davis Glues

    "After several very frustrating months of using a failing hot melt and liquid adhesive on two of our labeling lines, we realized it was time to research alternative solutions. Like everyone else we went to Google and found L.D Davis.  We reached out to them via their website and someone contacted us that day.  Within a week our sales representative, Bill McCalla, came out to our facility see our problem first hand.   Our glue was bleeding through the labels and not staying tacky.  Before making any glue recommendations, Bill picked up our substrates and sent them to his technical team to run trials in their lab. Their lab made recommendations and we trialed before going into production.  Bill has been present at all of our trials and on most of them he has also brought in coworkers from his technical department so they could see their recommendations run.  He truly has gone above and beyond since day one to help our team find the right glue.  Our production has increased since switching to the L. D. Davis recommended hot melt and liquid on the two labeling lines where we were seeing problems. We have now transitioned almost all of our glue lines to L.D. Davis and could not be happier with their quality and service."

    Andrew S. Production Supervisor, Reily Foods
  • Training With our Equipment Operators

    I wanted to thank Kelly and Maria for the training that they provided for us at Friesens Packaging. They gave us very helpful information on adhesives in general, and specifically, on the adhesives that we use with our equipment. I think the most value to us came through the time that they spent with our operators at the equipment. They provided good trouble-shooting information and made sure everyone understood how to measure and track various parameters to result in consistent glue and good adhesion. We have been making boxes for many years, but we believe you have made us even better at what we do! At Friesens we have always considered our vendors as partners in our business, and you certainly demonstrated your commitment to our partnership.

    Jody General Manager, Friesens Packaging