Adhesive Raw Materials

Posted on November 28th, 2011 by Maria Verros

Supply and Demand for Adhesive Raw Materials

Increasing raw material costs for adhesive over the past few years has been a challenge for animal glue manufacturers as well as distributors of products such as hot melt adhesives.  LD Davis Industries is one of the major animal glue suppliers in North America, but also distributes HB Fuller hot melt adhesives and adhesive products from Ashland Chemical.
According to a March 2011 blog from HB Fuller, “Supply has become the watchword for adhesive raw materials.”  Animal glue manufacturers are in a tough spot, because more demand for adhesive has occurred as certain raw materials have become more limited and harder to come by.

LD Davis Raw Material Sourcing

LD Davis has been a quality animal glue manufacturer for 85 years.  We have long-standing and solid relationships with our raw material suppliers so we can ensure our customers get the adhesive they need, when they need it.  We are also constantly sourcing our raw materials so we can continue to provide this service to our loyal customers so they continue to use us instead of other animal glue manufacturers.  This not only keeps our manufacturing up to the level of quality we require, but having multiple sources for our raw materials helps us keep costs down for our customers.

HB Fuller Raw Material Report

The above referenced blog from HB Fuller also references a poor harvest of certain adhesive raw materials which contributed to the limited supply as demand increased.  There are many factors in addition to this one that are contributing to raw material price increases, including competition with other markets/industries for similar raw materials.

LD Davis Reacts

LD Davis strives to keep adhesive costs down during these volatile times for raw materials.  Communication with customers is a key principle.  We absorb rising costs as long as we can, and will always communicate the reason for any and all price increases we may have to pass along to customers.  LD Davis is the largest animal glue manufacturer in the United States, and we take pride in our quality adhesive and customer relations.  We plan to continue “building life long bonds” for another eight decades or so!

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HB Fuller Blog

Global Hot Melt Adhesive Market

Posted on November 21st, 2011 by Maria Verros

Hot melt adhesive is in greater demand now more than ever.  A recent report published on the global hot melt adhesive market says that the market should reach $4.65 billion in the next five years.  Hot melts are in high demand because they are fairly easy to use, form strong bonds, and are useful in a wide variety of applications.

hot melt adhesive, HB Fuller hot melt adhesives

Hot melt adhesive is melted prior to use

Hot Melt Adhesive and LD Davis

At LD Davis, we do not manufacture hot melt adhesive; we only manufacture eco-adhesives such as animal glue, liquid glue, vegetable/starch adhesives, and water-based resin adhesives.  We sell adhesives that we do not manufacture, such as hot melts and fugitive glue, from HB Fuller and Ashland Chemical companies.  These companies are both big players in the hot melt adhesive market and LD Davis is happy to be a part of it.

HB Fuller hot melt adhesives that LD Davis sells are commonly used in bookbinding mailers, paper to plastics, insulation, assembled products, and electronics industries.  HB Fuller hot melt adhesives are also referred to as thermoplastic adhesives or reactive hot melts.  In most cases, they are applied using heated nozzles or by use of a glue gun.

Report on Global Hot Melt Adhesive Market

According to the report listed under “Sources” at the bottom of this page, the growth of this market is most likely due to growth in developing nations that are now using and purchasing this adhesive at a higher rate and volume.  North America is the major market for hot melt adhesives, and the packaging industry is the biggest user of hot melt adhesive, according to the global market report.

Market Challenges

While market growth is a great thing for the economy, in recent years raw material prices have gone up in response to decreased availability of some of these materials.  The hot melt adhesive market will have to cope with higher prices during this period of growth.

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Product Spotlight: PUR Glue

Posted on October 6th, 2011 by Maria Verros

Animal glue manufacturers are few and far between. In fact, there are only two major animal glue manufacturers in the United States, and we are the largest. Animal glue, or hide glue, is available through distribution companies throughout the country and the world, but do not confuse animal glue manufacturers with distributors. On the contrary, we manufacture our own animal glue, but we are a distributor for other types of glue that we don’t manufacture, such as fugitive glue, hot melt, and PUR glue, or Polyurethane Reactive Glue.

What is PUR Glue?

PUR glue is a specific type of hot melt glue. We distribute H.B Fuller hot melt adhesives, and you can click here to read more information about them. PUR glue is a more recent development in the hot melt world. They polymerize when applied, forming a much stronger bond than other hot melts. It is quite flexible and can be used in a wider range of temperatures than most hot melts. PUR glue is often used in perfect binding as book binding adhesive. Our animal glue is also used in other methods for book binding adhesive.

Advantages of Using PUR Glue

Unlike traditional hot melts, need to be left to cure for a full day. The bonds occur when the chemicals in the glue draw moisture out of the air. PUR glues are incredibly strong and flexible, and work beautifully as book binding adhesive using the perfect binding method on difficult jobs. Like most hot melts, they tackify immediately, although PUR glues, as mentioned above, do require a 24-hour curing period. Common uses for PUR glue include bookbinding spine glue in certain binding applications. Other bookbinding methods depend on animal glue manufacturers like L.D. Davis for hide glue to get the job done correctly.

Main Uses

PUR glue is often used in the following industries:

  • Packaging,
  • Woodworking
  • Electronics
  • Shoes
  • Printed film

L.D. Davis has been manufacturing eco-adhesives for over eight decades. In more recent years we have expanded our horizons to distribute hot melts, PUR glue, and other types of adhesives to fit your needs. Whatever the application, we will come up with an adhesive solution.

Learn more about PUR glue here.

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