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Glue Manufacturer

About Us - L. D. Davis Industries Here at L.D. Davis we believe our customers should have access to the best quality of protein, hot melt and water-based glues. Over the past years, we have innovated to keep up with our customers’ wants and needs. We are North America’s Premier and largest protein glue compounder and one of the top glue suppliers in the country. It is our mission to “build life-long bonds”, with our customers, vendors and our employees.

Benefits of Choosing L.D. Davis Glues

  • Higher quality glue enables you to produce higher quality products, giving you a competitive edge in your industry.
  • Our glues’ clean machining properties means less downtime for you–our glues clean up with water so there is no need to shut down your manufacturing line to clean it with harsh chemicals.
  • Our custom glues and full service lab/R&D department means we can develop custom formulations specifically for your application.
  • The L.D. Davis Green Advantage means our glues are eco-friendly and recyclable-giving you your own “green advantage” over your competitors.
  • We have a very low turnover rate with key staff members. Many of our employees have over ten years of experience with L.D. Davis.
  • Our AAA credit rating means our suppliers always get paid on time-which means you get the products you need, when you need them, without delay.
  • In 2012, we had less than 7,000 lbs of the 12.3 million pounds of glue produced returned due to a product defect-that’s less than .001%.

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