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The History of L.D. Davis is a true American success story. It started in 1926 when Louis D. Davis Sr. opens up shop in his father’s home in North Philadelphia, PA. He filed for 3 patents for a stenciling product used in monument and stenciling industries (raw animal glue was one of the main ingredients). Less than 20 years later he had to reinvent the business when he was nearly put out of business by a competitor. Louis Sr. develops dehydrated glue for rigid box industry.

In the late 1950s L.D. Davis discontinues rendering hides. It became more cost effective to purchase from large US vendors as well as Europe and South America. Louis Davis Jr joins the company and develops Pink Special which is pink colored low costs box glue.

A game changing year for L.D. Davis came in 1974 after Louis Jr. took control of the company. It was a pivotal year in our company history because L.D. Davis formed mutually beneficial relationships with the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. These relationships, that still flourishing today, have allowed us to manufacture our protein glue, not with hide glue as the primary ingredient, but with recycled pharmaceutical netting. This netting as we call it is the left over gelatin derived from manufacturing gelatin capsules (i.e. vitamin-e etc.) Prior to this the netting was thrown in landfills by the pharmaceutical companies. This netting is now the primary ingredient in all of our protein glues. Our protein glues (formerly known as animal glue/ hide glue / jelly glue) is the premier protein glue sold in the United States and is sold in over 20+ countries around the world.


In 1980, L.D. Davis broke ground on facility in Monroe, NC. In addition, Louis Jr spoke with the current customer base and saw the need for liquid glue. L.D. Davis purchased glue Products of Georgia to provide water based liquid
glues as a response to the need to the book binding and packaging industries.


In 1995, L.D. Davis hit 20 million annual pounds produced for compounded protein glue products manufactured in Monroe. Louis (Tripp) Davis III becomes president in 2000. In 2001 L.D. Davis is chosen as H.B. Fullers largest distributor for bookbinding glues to the small and middle markets.


In 2008, corporate office established in Jenkintown, PA. We start expanding into other areas as compounding expertise not just glue products.


In 2011, L.D. Davis jumps on the social media bandwagon- you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and YouTube! This has enabled us to become the solution provider helping us create a varied customer base.


Our new website launched.


In 2016, L.D. Davis celebrates 90 years in business!

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