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Bookbinding Glue

Bookbinding GlueBookbinding glues are used in the manufacturing of books and the covers of hardcover books. There are two major commercial bookbinding techniques: traditional is generally used for hardcover books, and perfect binding is used for paperback books

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The Major Advantages of Perfect Book Binding Glue

Perfect binding is traditionally used for paperback books. The papers used for the sections of the book are left rough on one side to aid in the binding process, and then the other three sides are finished.

The cover of the paperback book is made of a thicker paper than the ones used for the inside of the book. Then the cover of the book and the pages are placed with the heated glue in the perfect binding machine, with the glue along the spine of the book. When the book binding glue cools, it adheres to the pages and the cover of the book.

There are two types of paperback books; pulp paperbacks and trade paperbacks. Pulp paperbacks are smaller and often sold in drugstores, gas stations and airport gift shops. In fact, they got the name “airplane paperback” because many passengers used them to pass the time in flight or while waiting at the airport. These paperbacks use less durable glue so they don’t hold up as well.

Trade paperback books are the same size as hardcover books. While both pulp and trade paperbacks are often created after the book is published in hardback, trade paperback books are more durable and often created by the same publishing company as the original hardcover edition.

The thermally activated binding process uses glue along the spine and doesn’t need stitching to hold the books together.

Book binding glue is used for paperback and hardcover books. There are many different types of thermally activated binding that use hot melt. Perfect, thermal, and cardboard article are the three most popular types of book binding techniques that use hot melt.

Success Stories

“I wanted to take a moment and thank Jeff Palmiter and the team at LD Davis for their help with product development. While your team has gone above and beyond on a number of occasions, your help with the start up of our Kolbus Casemaker has been most notable. From the beginning of LD Davis’s involvement we have seen our makeready and run speeds on the Kolbus increase to the point of setting new production records. And at the same time our glue usage has dropped dramatically. I still am not sure how you get a glue film that can be run so thin, adhere so well, and hold the turn-ins at these high speeds. Please make sure your team knows how much we appreciate their efforts and support in making our venture a huge success.”

Steven, Manufacturing/Process Supervisor at R.R. Donnelley

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