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Gelatin is an extremely important part of L.D. Davis glues. Since the 1970s, L.D. Davis replaced the primary ingredient, extracted collagen from hides of bovine and porcine, with recycled pharmaceutical and nutritional gelatin in the form of soft gel netting and ground hard cap. Soft gel netting is what’s left over from the production of vitamin E and nutrition gel capsules. While ground hard cap is from excess pharmaceutical capsules.

The gelatin we use is inspected for quality as part of L.D. Davis process, which is our implemented 12-point quality control system for all incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products. In our lab, we test for color, viscosity and odor before use.

Physical Property of Gelatin

Gelatin is a protein derived by from a parent protein, collagen. In an aqueous solution it is a hydrophilic colloid. It is almost tasteless, odorless, vitreous, brittle solid and usually faintly yellow in color. Gelatin is graded according to its strength, called its ‘bloom’. The higher the bloom numbers, the higher the grade.

L.D. Davis Recycles Gelatin Material

Pharmaceutical and nutritional encapsulating companies normally dispose of their excess or left over gelatin. L.D. Davis is able to utilize these materials,and recycle the gelatin for use in our glue products. It’s a “win-win”, the nutritional company eliminates a waste stream and L.D. Davis gains a raw material source for our protein glues. In addition, we help the environment through recycling a gelatin material that might normally end up in a landfill. Pharmaceutical and nutritional companies produce a significant amount of excess gelatin. Since L.D. Davis is the largest purchaser of recycled gelatin in the United States, we play a big part in reducing this specific waste stream. This is yet another way that we live up to the L.D. Davis Green Advantage. We pride ourselves on manufacturing eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable glues.

Sourcing Gelatin as a Raw Material

L.D. Davis has amazing, long-standing relationships with our raw material providers. We have been in business for nine decades and constantly source materials so we can ensure that our customers always get the animal glue products they need, when they need them. We are always looking for new sources of gelatin raw material in the form of gelatin from pharmaceutical, nutritional and other companies.


We help the environment through recycling a gelatin material that might normally end up in a landfill.Download our Green Statement