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Protein Glues

Protein gluesProtein glues are also called cake or jelly glues since the primary ingredient is gelatin. Since the 1970’s, our main ingredient in our protein glues is recycled scrap gelatin from pharmaceutical netting. Our protein glues are 100% biodegradable.

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Top Protein-Based Equipment

L.D. Davis Protein-Based glues are used in a wide variety of applications. Our lab can recommend an existing or custom product for your specific application.

Below is a list of the top equipment commonly used with protein glues.

  • Crathern and S & S
  • Emmeci Box Machine
  • Horauf Universal
  • Perfect Binders Machines
  • Pot Devin Machines
  • Sheridan Roll Feed Case Maker
  • Stahl Case Maker
  • Kolbus Case Maker

Download our protein glue troubleshooting guide.

Physical Properties of L.D. Davis Protein Glues

    • Glues sold in gelled cake form and are liquefied for use by heating to 140oF
    • 10lb Cakes, packaged 6 cakes in a carton
    • Custom glues can be modified by level of tack, open time (speed of set), and viscosity based on your application