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Primo Glues

Primo Protein Glues for Soft Touch Film Lamination and Other Difficult Substrates

L.D. Davis Industries is the largest protein glue manufacturers in the United States and has manufactured protein glues for over eight decades.  Rigid box and laminating companies have struggled finding easy to use glues to bond difficult packaging substrates. This limited what materials they could use and how packaging or laminates could be configured.

L.D. Davis’s Primo Protein Glues are custom made for rigid box and laminating industries.

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Specifically, substrates such as Mylar, foil, nylon, matte scruff-resistant, matte OPP and other soft touch film substrates have historically been difficult to bond. In addition, some grades of recycled paperboard has presented adhesion issues.  It was our mission at L.D. Davis to manufacture glues for these industry problems and we have developed solutions.

Two of the major challenges that our customers told us they needed help with were:

  • Ballooning on the edges
  • Pop-ups due to the Mylar wrap not adhering to the Mylar lining

Related to adhesion issues with laminated substrates is the ballooning along the edge of the turn in. This is due to the memory of the film laminate. Our Primo glues are fast in tack which helps reduce the level of ballooning  we have routinely see with these materials. With our new line, we have reduced this issue so every box has a nice clean edge. The first picture you will see adhesion is not good and there is ballooning, but the second picture shows a nice clean line and great adhesion.

Ballooning non ballooning

The second issue customers asked us to solve was the pop-ups. The glue was gluing the wrap to the chip board but not adhering the wrap to itself on the turn in. In a lot of manufacturing plants, they have many people standing at the end of the line that take the newly formed boxes and rub it down to get a good bond. We have eliminated both issues with our Primo glue line. The first picture shows no adhesion which is what we call a pop-up. As you can see in the second picture we had great adhesion which resulted in excellent fiber tear.

IMG_1993 IMG_2104


Advantages of our Primo Glues

  • Eco-friendly
  • Machines clean
  • Reduces bubbling on finished product
  • Bonds to difficult substrates
  • Biodegradable

Applications for Primo Glues

  • Laminating
  • Rigid boxes

Unlike our traditional protein glue, our Primo glues have a very specific chemistry to achieve that bond needed for the difficult substrates. Therefore, the shelf life of this product is 60 days.

For those challenging materials, whether it’s Mylar, Foil or recycled board that is giving you difficulties, we have a solution. Our new line of protein glues, for the rigid box and laminating industries, machines well and develops excellent tack during application while improving the overall final bond.


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