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Dextrin Glues

Dextrin AdhesivesDextrins are a group of low-molecular-weight carbohydrates produced by the hydrolysis of starch. Dextrin glues or adhesives can be classified as a liquid glue prepared by cooking to 200° F in water, forming a solution which can be modified for tack, open time and various other properties. Two main types of dextrin glues are white dextrins, and canary dextrins or yellow dextrins.

Dextrin glues are used as packaging glues for board lining, laminating and some bottle labelling applications. Dextrin glue is a water based glue and is easily modified in a variety of ways, including color tint, tackiness and open time.

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All dextrin glues possess clean machining capability and excellent bonding properties to paper, paperboard and other cellulosic materials.

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Physical Properties of Dextrin Glue

  • Medium Setting Time
  • High Wet Tack
  • Appearance – Light straw to dark amber
  • Wide Range of Solids
  • Clean Machining
  • Non Blistering
  • Excellent Bonding Properties to paper and paperboard

The Major Advantages of Dextrin Glue

  • Economical
  • Good availability
  • Good adhesion to cellulosic materials and many other porous substrates
  • Insoluble in oils and fats
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable


Common Uses

Board lining
Bottle Labelling