The region’s leading provider of glue and gelatin solutions

LD Davis is a global provider of glue and gelatin solutions that drives superior product performance for mid-to-large sized manufacturing companies. We work to elevate the reputation of the customers we serve by combining more than 90 years of innovation with high performance solutions, custom testing and manufacturing, fast turnaround times and proven customer satisfaction methods.

For decades, the LD Davis team has worked hard to advance our animal, liquid and hot melt glue solutions and applications, and each day we partner with our customers to set new industry standards in our business and theirs through custom glue formulations. Whether your existing supply is running low, or you’re experiencing time sensitive issues with your glue or gluing equipment, LD Davis will make your continued production our top priority.

Our History

  • 1926
  • 1936
  • 1950
  • 1974
  • 1980
  • 1991
  • 1995
  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2008
  • 2016
  • Glue company founded in 1926


    Our story began in 1926 when Louis D. Davis Sr. set up shop in his father’s home in North Philadelphia, PA. He filed for three patents for a stenciling product used in the monument stenciling industry, as raw animal glue was one of the main ingredients in creating stencils.

  • Creating adhesives for the rigid box industry in 1936


    Louis D. Davis Sr. developed a dehydrated glue product for the rigid box industry in an effort to reinvent the business and stay on top of competitors. By 1936, the growing business moved to a foundry located in Bristol, PA.

  • Manufacturing hide glue in 1950


    In the late 1950s, LD Davis Sr. discontinued rendering hides as it became more cost-effective to purchase them from larger US, European and South American vendors. Around this time, Louis Davis Jr. also joined the company and developed Pink Special, a pink-colored low-cost box glue.

  • Louis Davis Jr., the second-generation owner of LD Davis


    Louis Davis Jr. became the second-generation owner of LD Davis and began to form mutually beneficial relationships with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Still flourishing today, these relationships have allowed us to replace hide glue with recycled pharmaceutical netting as the primary ingredient in the manufacturing of all LD Davis animal glues.

  • LDDavis1980


    LD Davis broke ground on our manufacturing facility in Monroe, NC. Around this time, Louis Davis Jr. recognized the need for liquid and hot melt glue. We purchased the company Adhesive Products of Georgia to begin providing water-based liquid glues to our customers and we began distributing for some of the largest hot melt glue manufacturers in the world.

  • ProteinGlue1991


    The original LD Davis Bristol manufacturing location was sold to the local municipality and all manufacturing officially moved to our facility in Monroe, NC.

  • LDDavisWarehouse1995


    The LD Davis team hit 20 million annual pounds of animal glue produced in our Monroe, NC facility.

  • TrippandLouisDavis


    Louis (Tripp) Davis III became the third-generation owner of LD Davis.

  • BookBinding ld davis


    LD Davis was chosen as H.B. Fullers’ largest distributor for book binding glues to the small and middle markets.

  • LDDavisOffice2008


    The LD Davis corporate office was established in Jenkintown, PA and LD Davis began blogging to provide educational resources to our customers.

  • 90 years in the glue manufacturing business for LD Davis


    LD Davis celebrated 90 years in business!

“We have been purchasing glue from LD Davis for almost 20 years and have always been happy with their glue quality and technical assistance. We purchased a Kolbus DA260 case maker in October 2015. Once installed, our sales representative Kelly Benjamin came to our facility to trial their protein glue with us on the new equipment. The glue ran perfectly on the Kolbus machine. It was great having her there to answer any and all technical questions that we had throughout the trial process. The glue is still running great, and LD Davis’s policy of being present at every trial/test is very reassuring.”

— Jay, Advantage Bookbinding

“We made the switch to LD Davis several months ago and have not regretted it for a second. Whenever we have needed ANYTHING, Jeff Palmiter and LD Davis have been there at a moment’s notice (day or night) to meet our needs with a no-nonsense, straightforward, extremely competent approach that has been second to none in providing excellent customer service to us. We are very happy and proud to have them on our team.”

— John, Leader in Photo Book Industry