Liquid Glue

Liquid glues, sometimes referred to as white glues, are water-based glues that are used in a wide variety of applications and are popular because they are eco-friendly, non-toxic, easily recyclable and safe to handle. Learn more about eco-friendly glues and how our liquid glues as well as our gelatin glues can be used as sustainable solutions.

Liquid glues do not need to be heated before application and are very easy to clean up with water. These versatile glues have many uses, including packaging, paper straw manufacturing, case and carton sealing, wood bonding, laminating, rigid box manufacturing, book binding, graphic arts, food and beverage packaging and general assembly applications. Over the years, LD Davis has expanded our liquid water-based glue capabilities to create a diverse product line that includes polyvinyl acetates (PVA), vinyl acetate ethylenes (VAE) and vinyl acetate acrylates (VAA). In addition to standard liquid water-based glues, we also have high viscosity glues, with viscosities as high as 1,500,000 centipoise, and color dyes to meet the specific needs of your application.

Learn more about the types of liquid or water-based glues that LD Davis offers:

“After purchasing an Emmeci machine and receiving training from the Emmeci technical team, Central Packaging and Display was looking for in-depth training on adhesive. Matt, Safety Director and Quality Engineer at Central Packaging, had this to say about our on-site training in their Minneapolis facility: “Thank you for connecting Jeff Palmiter and I together. The training session went very well. Jeff has a talent for training. The information provided was exactly what I was looking for. Jeff’s knowledge of the glue, how to perform the necessary tests and required corrective action steps when results are not satisfactory is impressive. This is definitely a value added service. Jeff’s experience in the business certainly shows. We will be exploring other potential product use in the plant.”

— Matt, Central Packaging Display

“I wanted to thank Kelly and Maria for the training that they provided for us at Friesens Packaging. They gave us very helpful information on adhesives in general, and specifically, on the adhesives that we use with our equipment. I think the most value to us came through the time that they spent with our operators at the equipment. They provided good trouble-shooting information and made sure everyone understood how to measure and track various parameters to result in consistent glue and good adhesion. We have been making boxes for many years, but we believe you have made us even better at what we do! At Friesens we have always considered our vendors as partners in our business, and you certainly demonstrated your commitment to our partnership.”

— Jody, Friesens Packaging