Rigid Box Glue

LD Davis glue has long been the standard for the rigid box and turned edge industries. Rigid boxes such as cigar, jewelry, candy or perfume boxes are made by laminating a variety of different substrates to a solid chipboard material. The substrates can be paper, leather, foil, fabric, and many others. Our gelatin-based animal glues can be used for lamination, case making, wrapped boards, liners, folded board, slipcases, DVD boxes and more.

Eco-Friendly Rigid Box Glues

Not only do our gelatin-based animal glues (hide glues) successfully laminate almost any kind of wrap material to chipboard to make set-up boxes, they are also totally recyclable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable. They form an excellent bond, and also make the boxes recyclable once they are no longer in use.

Rigid Box Glue Equipment

The Emmeci machine is the equipment standard in the rigid box industry, although there are other types of equipment used in some cases. The Emmeci lamination machine works excellently with LD Davis glues to laminate substrates to chip board to begin set-up box construction with hide glue.

“The LD Davis team did a presentation on glue and how to troubleshoot that was terrific and well received.  Several of the mechanics came to talk to me later in the day and expressed their appreciation for your visit.”

— McLean Packaging

“LD Davis Industries has been a valuable supplier of hot melt to our company for over 15 years. In our foam fabrication business, controlling overhead drives the bottom line. Many of our competitors have moved away from adhesive bonding to go to zero-cost heat bonding for some of our foam substrates. Our years of experience have shown that the hot melt supplied by LD Davis allows us the flexibility and versatility to provide durable, unique solutions to our customer’s needs. Tripp Davis and his team at LD Davis are well aware of the constant overhead and pricing pressures we face, and constantly work to find us the price-to-performance products that our ever-changing business require. Great product only gets you so far if you can’t get it. LD Davis’s ability to handle all aspects of the supply chain-manufacturing, warehousing, and just-in-time delivery gives our company a competitive advantage in our market that we need.”

— Fred, F.P. Woll & Company

“Unipak and LD Davis have been working together for decades, so when we purchased our first Emmeci back in 2000 we asked them to provide the glue for these state of the art machines. Sixteen years later, we are still using glue provided by LD Davis on our Emmeci’s and couldn’t be happier with the product and the company behind the product. We have relied on their technical support to help us bond specialty papers and board and are extremely happy with the everyday performance of their NW123CK glue. Unipak is proud to be a part of LD Davis’s 90 year history and look forward to our continued relationship.”

— Teddy, Unipak