Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for my product?

Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets are great resources to keep for your records. These documents will provide the recommended glue settings, as well at the proper disposal procedure for your glue. Use our contact form to request a copy of your LD Davis product’s SDS or TDS.

What is the lead time on LD Davis adhesives?

LD Davis is known for fast turnaround on all glue supply needs and getting your order to you as quickly as possible is always our goal. Although most of our products are ready to ship in no more than 5 to 7 business days, product lead times are provided along with each price quote.

Where are LD Davis glues manufactured?

All of our glues are manufactured in the United States. Most LD Davis glues will ship from our main manufacturing facility in North Carolina, but for your added convenience, some of our products may ship from one of our warehouses located strategically across the US.

Is it possible to get a glue or gelatin sample?

Once a product recommendation is made by our team, we’re always happy to provide our customers with a small sample to test in their unique facility. Most glue and gelatin samples are free, but we do ask that you provide your UPS or FedEx shipping account number to cover the shipping costs.

What is the minimum order quantity for LD Davis products?

The minimum order quantities for LD Davis products may vary depending on the glue product. The standard minimum order quantity for most products is $200.

How are LD Davis glues packaged?

Packaging will vary depending on the type of glue you purchase. Dry animal glue products are sold in 50-pound bags. Animal glue cakes are sold in cake form, packaged in cartons. Liquid glues are sold in pails, drums or totes. Hot melt glues can come in pellets, chubs, sticks or drums and are typically sold in cartons or drums.

Does LD Davis manufacture hot melt glues?

We distribute hot melt glues for some of the largest manufacturers in world. We do not manufacture these glues in-house, but because of our long-standing relationships with large hot melt manufacturers, LD Davis is able to offer competitive pricing to our customers.

Does LD Davis manufacture skin safe glues?

While we do carry a broad range of glue products, we do not manufacture or sell any glues that are intended for direct skin contact. This includes glues for bandages, false eyelashes, hair extensions, nails and any other products intended for application directly on the skin.

What are the benefits of buying from a distributor?

LD Davis can provide you with local warehousing, reduced freight cost, on-time delivery and immediate attention to your needs. Buying from a distributer like LD Davis leads to higher efficiency and ease of operation, which can help drive costs down.

Does LD Davis sell glue to individuals for personal projects and needs?

At this time, LD Davis is approved to sell glues to businesses, but not to individuals for personal use.

“We have been purchasing glue from LD Davis for almost 20 years and have always been happy with their glue quality and technical assistance. We purchased a Kolbus DA260 case maker in October 2015. Once installed, our sales representative Kelly Benjamin came to our facility to trial their protein glue with us on the new equipment. The glue ran perfectly on the Kolbus machine. It was great having her there to answer any and all technical questions that we had throughout the trial process. The glue is still running great, and LD Davis’s policy of being present at every trial/test is very reassuring.”

— Jay, Advantage Bookbinding

“We made the switch to LD Davis several months ago and have not regretted it for a second. Whenever we have needed ANYTHING, Jeff Palmiter and LD Davis have been there at a moment’s notice (day or night) to meet our needs with a no-nonsense, straightforward, extremely competent approach that has been second to none in providing excellent customer service to us. We are very happy and proud to have them on our team.”

— John, Leader in Photo Book Industry