Delivering high-quality products that drive superior performance

At LD Davis, we manufacture and distribute only the highest quality industrial glues and gelatin products because we recognize the impact that our solutions have on the value of your final product and your bottom line. We have hundreds of formulas to suit the needs of many different projects and we can develop custom solutions to satisfy your unique needs. The clean machining properties in our quality products also prevent residue from accumulating on your equipment, ensuring a manufacturing process with high uptime and increased efficiency.

“For almost a half century, I have spent my entire career in the Industrial Adhesive Industry. From sales and management in a large company, to owning a Manufacturers’ Representative business for the last 25 years, I have worked with a multitude of adhesive manufacturers. During that time, I’ve had both disappointing business relationships with some, to long-term, mutually rewarding ventures with others. One of the most satisfying of all has been our relationship with LD Davis Industries. Our work together began with Tripp’s father over 20 years ago. When Tripp took over the company reigns, the relationship blossomed into the well-oiled and efficient machine it is today. This rock solid, extremely successful true business “partnership” is based on mutual respect, teamwork, and a huge dose of integrity. Tripp has proven himself to be both trustworthy and dependable on countless occasions. Now, as I transition into retirement, I am confident the stable foundation of this relationship is so solid that it will endure long into the future. Thanks Tripp, for your personal integrity and high standards of business excellence. We’ve had a fabulous ride together!”

— Tony, Adhesive Brokers

“We have been using Davis glue for our book binding for almost 20 years. We currently run about 20 cases per minute with their protein glue on our Kolbus DA36. Not only is their glue quality and performance excellent, but their technical assistance and customer service have been very helpful over the years.”

— Timothy, United Book Press