Setting glue and gelatin standards since 1926

We’ve been creating and perfecting innovative applications for glue and gelatin for nearly a century. Each day, the team at LD Davis sets out to establish new standards in your industry and ours through advanced products and processes and custom formulas that satisfy the unique needs of every new project.

90+ Years of Innovation

Founded in 1926, LD Davis is a global provider of glue and gelatin solutions that drives superior product performance for our customers. For over 90 years, our team has harnessed the power of innovation to advance our animal, liquid and hot melt glue solutions and applications. Each day, we work with customers in traditional industries like packaging and unique industries like seed coating to set standards in our business and theirs through custom adhesive formulas and applications.

High Performance Solutions

LD Davis knows that the performance of glue and gelatin during the manufacturing process is just as important as the performance of your final product. We provide only high-quality animal, liquid and hot melt glue solutions to our customers, knowing that this lets you buy less product upfront while gaining a greater yield. Beyond that, the clean machining properties in our quality products prevent residue from accumulating on your equipment, ensuring a manufacturing process with high uptime.

Free Testing & Manufacturing

At LD Davis, our 90 years of innovation is supported by our full-service research and development lab located on-site in Monroe, North Carolina. Our team of scientists test and audit your substrates with our glue to identify easy adjustments to the formula or to determine a more optimal solution. Our R&D lab is also where our 100% eco-friendly animal glue is developed and where high-performance applications for glue and gelatin emerge through custom creation, testing and analysis.

Fast Response & Turnaround

When it comes to your glue or gelatin supply, LD Davis knows you require a knowledgeable source who can recommend the best option and get it to you fast. Our long-standing customers and new customers can attest to the urgent and all-hands-on-deck approach we take to customer service. Whether your existing supply is running low or you’re experiencing time sensitive issues with your glue or gluing equipment, LD Davis will make your continued production our first priority.

Proven Customer Satisfaction

For 90 years, the name LD Davis has been associated with quality. From producing and providing only high-performance materials to deploying stringent quality control processes in our lab, we’ve helped our customers and their products develop and maintain a reputation of excellence. With a 99.9% satisfaction rate on our glue and gelatin solutions, our team places customer satisfaction above all else, always seeking new ways to meet and exceed your expectations and elevate your competitive edge.

“Each year we purchase over 100,000 lbs. of liquid glue from LD Davis. Our sales representative, Jeff Palmiter, has been with us every step of the way through recommendation, trialing, and implementation. Our team recently completed our annual supplier score card for LD Davis and they received an ‘Excellent’ rating for performance, quality and responsiveness. We appreciate Jeff working with us and value LD Davis as our supplier.”

— Jim, PSI

“Our bindery manager was struggling with turnover. He was in need of training for the inexperienced operators. LD Davis offered to set up seminars for training in the preparation and the application of their adhesives. The result was a significant reduction in our training costs and the elimination of a lot of waste. Because of their dedication and efforts, LD Davis was chosen as our vendor of the year.”

— Wayne, Berryville Graphics