Recycled Gelatin Adhesives

Gelatin is a protein derived from its parent protein, collagen. It is a hydrophilic colloid in an aqueous solution, nearly tasteless and odorless, vitreous and brittle as a solid and typically faint yellow in color. Gelatin is graded according to its strength or bloom, with a higher bloom indicating a higher grade. Gelatin is an extremely important part of the manufacturing process for many LD Davis solutions. In the 1970s, we replaced the primary ingredient in our animal glues with recycled pharmaceutical and nutritional gelatin in the form of soft gel netting and ground hard cap. The gelatin we use today is also inspected for quality as part of our 12-point quality control system for all incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products. During this quality control, we test for color, viscosity and odor before use.

Why is it important to use recycled gelatin material?

Pharmaceutical and nutritional companies produce a significant amount of excess gelatin that would normally be disposed of in landfills. LD Davis takes pride in our effort to reduce waste and help the environment by recycling these materials for use in our glue products. In our doing so, we gain a high-quality raw material source and these companies successfully eliminate a waste stream. From this practice, LD Davis has quickly become the largest purchaser of recycled gelatin in the United States. We pride ourselves on manufacturing eco-friendly, non-toxic and recyclable glues and the use of recycled gelatin lets us continue to produce high-quality products that meet these standards.

“Each year we purchase over 100,000 lbs. of liquid glue from LD Davis. Our sales representative, Jeff Palmiter, has been with us every step of the way through recommendation, trialing, and implementation. Our team recently completed our annual supplier score card for LD Davis and they received an ‘Excellent’ rating for performance, quality and responsiveness. We appreciate Jeff working with us and value LD Davis as our supplier.”

— Jim, PSI

“Our bindery manager was struggling with turnover. He was in need of training for the inexperienced operators. LD Davis offered to set up seminars for training in the preparation and the application of their adhesives. The result was a significant reduction in our training costs and the elimination of a lot of waste. Because of their dedication and efforts, LD Davis was chosen as our vendor of the year.”

— Wayne, Berryville Graphics